How A Great Guitar Teacher Helps You Overcome Plateaus In Your Playing

Do you feel like you’ve become stuck in your guitar playing? Been practicing for many hours every day only to make little progress if any? You’re not alone! It is very common for guitarists to become stuck in their playing at one time or another. This experience is very frustrating, and even causes some people to quit guitar altogether. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way for you. Rather than settling for not being the guitarist you want to be, choose to work with an experienced guitar teacher. This is by far the best thing you can do to get unstuck in your playing. Here’s why:

1. Having A Teacher Helps You Correct Fundamental Issues You Are Overlooking

When you try learning guitar on your own, you often don’t learn the right way to play things. This happens because a lot of guitarists simply learn from any resource they find online such as tabs or amateur lessons. This leads them to developing poor playing habits. In many cases, these habits persist for years until finally they cause problems at higher levels of play. Before you can move on to the next level in your playing, you must correct these issues. The problem is, without prior experience figuring this stuff out, you can’t really know the best way to move forward. When you take guitar lessons with an experienced teacher, you quickly get the right answers for how to fix fundamental issues like this.

2. You Learn What You Need To Practice To Reach The Next Level

It’s common for guitarists to get stuck because they don’t know what they should be practicing to take their skills to the next level. Working together with a teacher gives you access to insight you simply couldn’t have on your own.

When you first work with a great guitar teacher, he will evaluate your specific musical goals. From there, you will receive a lesson plan based on those goals to help you achieve them in the least amount of time possible. So no matter what your goals are – whether it’s to learn how to improve, play fast guitar solos or build a music career as a guitar player… your teacher helps you get on track and moving forward.

3. You Discover How To Combine Different Skills Together

Many guitar players practice everything they know in total isolation from everything else. This helps you improve to a certain extent in those specific areas, but creates imbalance in your overall playing. Great guitar teachers do not teach you everything in isolation like this. Instead, they show you how to combine all your skills together. When you do this, it unlocks a whole new world in your playing and leads to massive growth.

4. You Learn How To Practice More Effectively

In addition to all the other points above, working with a good guitar teacher changes your practice habits for the better. A good teacher not only shows you how to correct mistakes in your playing, but helps you develop better practice habits so you know how to fix things on your own in the future. This saves you tons of time and frustration.

Now that you know how helpful a great guitar teacher is for removing plateaus in your playing, don’t waste your time trying to figure things out by yourself. Do some research to find a great guitar teacher, follow what he teaches you and enjoy the process of becoming a better guitarist!