What Makes Us Different?

  • Comfortable professional home studio 
  • 100% full time professional guitar instructor
  •  Flexible Scheduluing
  • Supplemental Video Lessons- No charge for printed materials
  • Massive Motivation and support
  • Email support

Other Music Schools

  • Tiny closet sized practice rooms
  • Part time music teachers
  • Fixed scheduling- No flexibility
  • Must buy their books
  • Antiquated teaching methods
  • No contact with teachers between lessons

Music School Or Guitar Specialist?

I am a full-time 100% dedicated guitar instructor with 12 years of experience, tens of thousands of lessons both in private, small group, and large class format.  

Many music schools hire teachers who teach part time as a side gig, or inexperienced younger musicians.  

You can be sure that I am 100% dedicated to your growth as a student because it's what I do 100% of the time.

Music Is A Language

  • Language must be spoken with other people in order to accelerate.
  • Children need to play with other musicians in order to learn how to play with other musicians.  
  • I teach in small classes based off the students interests and skill levels. 
  • They get personal training and the ability to jam with other students.
  • This also means a massive increase in scheduling flexibility and savings

The Cost Of Choosing The Wrong School

Most music schools offer half hour and 1 hour private lessons.  Half hour is not enough time and effectively a waste of money and 1 hour lessons cost $50-60/hour which averages out to $200-250/month for 1 lesson per week.

Many of my students have complained to me about taking lessons for months or even years, and not seeing acceptable results and feel like they wasted tons of time and money before finding my school.

My School Is Radically Different

  • I teach in small classes based off the students interests and skill levels.  Why is this better?
  • Students get more lesson time, that means more practice with THEIR TEACHER, and more time jamming with other musicians.
  • Flexible scheduling because you can attend different days and times as long as you stay in the same type of class (think like a gym membership.)
  • More fun because friendships develop around the instrument
  • Increased confidence because students are playing with others around from the start

Young Rockstar Weekly Class Schedule

Ages 6-11

  • Tuesday 4:30pm -5:15pm
  • Wednesday 3:30pm -4:15pm
  • Friday 3:30pm -4:15pm
  • Friday 4:30pm -5:15pm
Tuition Rates 
(most popular)




  • UNLIMITED Classes each month
  • Save 20% if parent OR second child enrolls
  • Massively Accelerate Learning Process 
  • Free Video Lessons  
  • Save $4800/year in music lessons with unlimited classes
  • Email lesson support




  • Five 45 minute classes every month
  • Jam with other students!
  • Save $300/year compared to other schools
  • Schedule classes on a weekly basis


1.  How long will it take my child to learn guitar?

Learning guitar is a process that is different for each student.  The commitment of the parents to help their child practice, and their consistent class attendance is what boosts a child's confidence and musical progress the most

2.  How soon will they see progress?

The more you practice, and the higher quality your practice time, the faster you will see results.  Each parent must be responsible for their children's results and with the help of the right teacher, will progress much faster.

3.  How often should they practice?

Children are learning machines at this age.  The challenge today is that many children are so busy with scheduled activities that they have difficulty progressing in any area.  Complement your child on how musical they are, get involved in their practice, ask them to teach you.  Do not expect a child to understand responsibility of daily practice, you MUST engage with them.

4.  Do they have to learn how to read music?

Reading music is an important skill set for all musicians, but it is a very very slow way to learn guitar.  For that reason, I do not introduce reading music at the beginning stages of guitar.  It is more about your cild learning to love the guitar and get excited to play and feel confident.  When they enjoy the instrument, they will tackle any new challenge willingly!

5.  How big are your classes?

Class size can be as small as 1 and as big as 6.

6.  I don't know about classes, every other school does private lessons.

Your child learns in a class setting every day all day for 12+ years in school.  Your child will get plenty of individual attention in class in addition to fun group guitar activities and games.

Want a FREE introductory lesson to see if this is the right school for your child?

Guitar rentals available for 1st month (additional rental fee applies)