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How can you help your child with their guitar practise at home?

If you don’t play an musical instruments, or especially guitar. It can be daunting to know how you can help your child with their guitar practise at home. It can be easy to just nod along. And sometimes you may worry that you will annoy your child if you criticize them.

Here are a few constructive ways you can get involved in your child’s practise to help them along.

  1. Suggest that they play something louder or quieter

If they always play quite quietly, you can suggest that your child tries playing louder. Or sometimes it can be a helpful exercise to change and play around the volume of what they are playing to it more variety.

  1. Getting them to reduce their speed

A lot of kids get very excited playing the guitar, and while they may be struggling to play a piece, they are still trying to go as fast as possible!

Sometimes it’s worth playing things down a notch so that they can take everything in before playing the next chord or note. Don’t worry about it not sounding like the song. It’s good practise to do things at different speeds.

  1. Helping them choose music they like

If your child is into any particular type of music, it’s worth helping them to choose something they enjoy so that they are more enthusiastic about practising. You can then communicate these to the guitar teacher so they can include it in their learning.

  1. Ask your child what they are practising

Have your child demonstrate to you what they’ve learnt, so that you are basically learning along with them. This is a great way of them improving both their guitar playing skills and also their language and communication as well. Win win!

  1. Have them repeat smaller parts of the song

Ask them to repeat a small section of a piece if you notice that they struggle to play a certain part. You can ask them to repeat it 10 times for a specific chord change or those few notes, before starting the piece over again.

  1. Put on music for them

Sometimes when they are practising something slower, or scales. It’s fun to have some music in the background. Put on some guitar music that would inspire them to think about their guitar playing in the future.

  1. Showing them videos of other kids playing guitar

Kids can be very inspired by other children. You can show them videos online of other kids playing guitar. Or take them to school of rock theatre show. Little inspirations like these can really spark off passion for children learning to play the guitar.

Hope these few tips give you a few more ideas of how to help motivate and help your child with their practising at home.

About author: Guitar tuition east London is here to provide inspirational guitar lessons to children in London, England. Along with many adults as well. Their focus is fun, creative, inspirational lessons that promote a passion for life for the kids.