Practice Guitar The Right Way And Enjoy Your Guitar Playing More

Getting results on guitar starts with correct guitar practice and consistent guitar practice

If you want to accelerate results from your guitar practice, you need a professional guitar teacher and trainer.

A Tale Of Two Guitar Students:

As a guitar teacher that has taught over 1,000 students, I can confidently say that a students guitar practice habit is way more important than innate natural talent on the guitar.  While talent can help take a guitar student to a certain level, the guitar students that get the most out of the guitar lessons and guitar practice are consistent, they work hard, they stay organized and they really enjoy practicing the guitar.

When I joined music school, I met some really good guitar players who at the time, I felt they were going to be my competition when it came to getting into bands, ensembles, performances and other guitar concerts.

The biggest difference that made me get all of the gigs, the auditions, and grades was my consistent dedication to practicing my guitar all the time.  What allowed me to pull ahead of the other guitar students wasn't our talent, it was our dedication to practicing the guitar and love of practicing.

The formula is simple.  Practice correctly, get better, enjoy playing the guitar, practice guitar more.

No secrets, just consistent correct action over a period of time can make you a much better guitar player.