Have you ever thought about organizing your practice time efficiently? If you have a full time job, kids, or any other life responsibilities, you know it can be difficult to play guitar while trying to still get everything else done. I know many people that have tried to learn to play guitar before but have succumbed to many misconceptions and then beaten myself for "not getting it". Here I would like to pass on a few things I have learned in the hope that this will help you avoid loads of frustration and trial and error approach


Set Realistic Objectives and Expectations: Despite what you may find on the internet, there are no programs that will transform you from beginner to "Guitar God" in a few easy lessons, there is no magic pill. The truth is that this will be a journey, a journey that will be rewarded because of your persistence and patience. A great teacher is like a coach, they will give you the right content to work on in the right order, help you manage your practice time. The teacher will develop strategy. Taking lesson does not instantly make you better; you must put in time at home to practice more and you must put in consistent time.  You must get excited about it, focus on the end result, and enjoy the process of growth along the way.


You must trust in the process if you want to learn.  An experienced teacher knows the fastest path; He will find you through a fast and easy way to learn it with much less difficulties and guesswork. Do not try to master everything before moving on. Perfectionists never complete anything and are never fulfilled. Practice in a geometric way where you work on a small group of topics in rotating format so you become a well-rounded guitarist.  While you may see improvement if you laser focus on one topic, you will decrease your skills in the neglected areas.  By working on multiple skills simultaneously, you will grow in a multitude of areas.


This is the most important part of learning the guitar.  If you practice ineffectively, your results will show.  Write out your practice sessions. Try to always play every day, even if only for 5-10mins. Try to set aside the same time the same time every day for practicing so it becomes a habit. By doing that every day make you learn faster. Try to have a timer to keep you focused.  Set the timer for 2 minutes and work on one topic until that timer stops.  If you find yourself off topic when the timer buzzes, you know that you lost focus.  This helps to train your focus and concentration.  The most effective practice is when you have no distractions.  The phone is off, the TV is off, you are alone. Set it for one minute and work on a given topic until the timer stops, the reset the timer and repeat.  Be sure to ask the teacher how much time you should be spending on a specific topic.  The teacher will help you develop effective practice strategies.


Cut out distractions. You should always stay focused if you are determined to learn how to play a guitar. You must always avoid distractions in order to get the most from your practice time. Do not multi-task. It does not help out in your easy learning of guitar. Stay relaxed.  Don’t focus on mistakes, just realize that there is room for improvement and think of it as an opportunity to grow, not a wall or barrier.  If you are having trouble with a specific song, first acknowledge the challenge then spend the rest of your time searching for solutions.  Or ask your teacher.  Practice with a confident and free mind knowing that you are on the path and are going to reach your goals. Always practice with fun, with that it brings happiness into you.


The only thing preventing you from achieving your goals is you have not decided to make it reality. You must be determined to achieve your goals. Quitters never win and winners don’t quit. Focus on how awesome it will be when you have reached your goal. Imagine yourself playing like you always dreamed every day. Do this every day until it becomes real.  Enjoy the path and march on knowing you will achieve your goals.

Now Go And Practice!

-Josh Beetler is the owner of local guitar school Taunton Guitar Lessons Inc.