3 Things Great Guitar Teachers Show You

Sad, but true: Not all guitar teachers are great at getting results for their students. In fact, many of them are mediocre at best. This makes finding and taking lessons with a great teacher extremely important for your guitar playing progress.

A great guitar teacher has guitar teaching credentials (such as actual certification to teach guitar… not a music degree), can demonstrate proof of getting big results for students and teaches in the exact style you want to learn. More specifically, a great guitar teacher does the following 3 things for you:

1. They Show You What To Practice

You don’t know what you don’t know. Knowing the right things to practice on guitar is extremely difficult for self-taught players. This is for two main reasons:

1. Self-taught guitarists often don’t have clear musical goals set for themselves. Without clear goals to work towards, it is impossible to know for sure what you “should” be practicing. This often leads people to simply practice anything they can find (and lots of it!). The result? Guitarists like this quickly become burned out and overwhelmed by having so many options but not knowing where to begin or why they should choose one thing over another.

2. Even if a self-taught guitarist has set goals for themselves, they often don’t know what to practice to reach them. This is very common. It makes sense because it’s nearly impossible to know what you need to learn without having experience that tells you you’re making the right choice. You wouldn’t know how to build a functioning bridge without any experience in engineering. This is why people learn from experts.

Once you take lessons with a great guitar teacher, he will create a custom learning plan to help you reach your goals as fast as possible. You will understand what you need to practice… eliminating frustration and feelings of being overwhelmed. To know for sure that your guitar teacher is putting you on the right path, look at the guitar student reviews on his website. There you can see how much results he has given his students and determine how helpful he will be for you.

2. They Show You How To Practice

Once your guitar teacher shows you what you need to practice, he will show you HOW to practice it (during the lesson). This is crucial. You know you are working with the best guitar teacher possible when they don’t simply show you things to play, but help you understand how to practice so you get better on your own. Remember, you don’t make progress during lessons, you make it between when you practice. Understanding how to practice effectively is critical (so when your teacher shows you how, make sure to do exactly as they say!).

3. They Show You How To Eliminate Holes In Your Playing

A lot of self-taught guitarists have holes in their playing that were made through poor playing/practicing habits. These habits generally come from months or years of cover up or playing through mistakes. As soon as you begin lessons, your teacher will spot these mistakes and help you eliminate them. A great teacher helps you eliminate them but finds ways to help you still play at your current level until they are fixed (so you don’t have to drop down many skill levels in the meantime).

Find a guitar teacher who does the things in this article and you’ll be unstoppable!