June 23, 2015

guitar lessons for adults near me

Figuring out how to find the best guitar lessons for adults can be difficult and it is likely you will not know where to start.  Many people assume that all music lessons for adults are the same and therefore, they choose their guitar teacher based on poor criteria.  This ultimately leads to bad teacher experiences, wasted time and energy, and little to no actual results on the guitar.

The following mistakes are applicable to you if you are a beginner guitar player or you are looking for guitar lessons for advanced players.  Avoid these common mistakes in searching for a guitar teacher and you will find the best guitar lessons for you.

Mistake # 1- Choosing A Guitar Teacher By Price

In order to find the best guitar lessons for adults, you must be looking for quality, not quantity.  Choosing a teacher based on price alone can waste a lot of time and money if you are with someone who has no reputation of creating quality guitar students on a regular basis.  You will likely develop bad habits, make little progress, and ultimately quit the guitar.  Unfortunately this is common reality because students make the common mistake of choosing the cheapest guitar teacher.

Take this example with Teacher A and Teacher B.

Teacher A charges $25/hour each week totaling in $100 per month.

Teacher B Charges $75/hour and you meet with them once per week ($300 month) but they have a solid reputation of producing high quality students.

You work with Teacher A for 2 years to reach your goal of being  able to play 10 songs.  At this rate, you have spent $2400 over two years with this teacher.

Pretty good right?  Let’s see how things work with Teacher B.

With Teacher B you achieve the same result but you do it in 6 months, not 2 years.  At this rate, you have spent $1800. You have also saved a year and a half of year life, and $600!!!

Many adults make the mistake of grabbing any teacher at any price.  The problem with the cheapest teacher is you often get teachers that only do it part time, to make extra cash.  They do not have training in teaching guitar, they do not invest in their ability to produce results for their students, and often times are intermediate guitar players that are using you as their guinea pig to ‘practice’ teaching.

Mistake # 2- Choosing A Guitar Teacher By Location

Choosing a guitar teacher based on location alone is a big mistake.  As stated in mistake #1, the higher quality teacher will ALWAYS save you time during the learning process, prevent injuries and bad habits from forming, and help keep you motivated to push yourself to become a better guitar player.  Be focused on the big picture when you decide to learn guitar.  By choosing a teacher based solely on convenience, without knowing the quality of that teacher, you will waste a lot of time, and energy focusing on ineffective practice strategies.

Mistake #3- Choosing A Guitar Teacher Because They Are Your Friend

This mistake is worse than choosing the cheapest guitar teacher unless your friend is a highly trained guitar teacher.  Your friend is not committed to your goals, and if you decide to work with a friend over a highly trained guitar teacher, what does that say for your commitment to learn the guitar?  A friend that can play will only pass on what he has figured out on his own, which means you will be the guinea pig.  If your friend does not have a track record of producing high quality students, you will only develop whatever habits your friend has, and waste a ton of time and energy in the process.

Mistake #4- Choosing A Guitar Teacher That Travels To Your Home

Many adults look for convenience in a different way by seeking teachers that travel from house to house.  There are many faults in working with these type of teacher.

1.  Teachers that travel are not in high demand, they teach as extra part time income.  Most of their time is spent working another job for income.  This means that become a better teacher is NOT THEIR PRIORITY, which means that your results are also NOT THEIR PRIORITY.

2.  Teachers that travel can not possibly bring all of their teaching materials with them.  That means that a lot of your lesson time will be spent watching your teacher write out your lessons by hand.  A professional teacher always has their materials at hand and can offer much more than handwritten notes.

3.  Teachers that travel are often beginner teachers that are desperate to find students.  This means you are likely getting a teacher that is “testing” his methods on you.  Without a proven track record of results, and without a lot of experience, you are settling for a inferior guitar teacher.

Mistake #5 Choosing A Guitar Teacher Because They Only Offer Private Lessons

There is a false assumption in the music education industry that private lessons are the best and only way to teach.  The fact is, private lessons became the standard by accident, not by testing the method itself against other methods.  When music lessons were first being taught many hundreds of years ago, the only people that could afford lessons were the wealthiest in society.  As a result, lessons were given on a one on one basis are therefore not the best guitar lessons for adults.  This continued throughout history and has become the standard.  There are benefits to private lessons but there are many more benefits to group guitar lessons that you simply can not replicate in a private lesson.  The best guitar teachers teach in multiple formats and their private lessons are often very expensive because they are in high demand.

In closing, when trying to find the best guitar lessons for adults, you must seek high demand guitar teachers that have a proven track record of creating high quality students, and has extensive training on how to teach the guitar.  They should teach multiple formats, be in high demand, and not be the cheapest.  By focusing on quality, rather than cost, convenience, and format, you will get the most value and results in the least amount of time, and save time and money in the process.

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