Useful Answers to Top Beginner Guitar Players Questions

If you are about to embark on the path of learning how to play guitar, there are some very common questions that pop into most beginners minds. As we meet lots of beginner guitar players, I thought writing an article about this will help, with simple answers that are easy to understand.

Perhaps you will come across a few questions that you didn’t even know you had!

How long will it take before I can play songs?guitar lessons near me

The ability to play songs depends on what sort of songs you want to be able to play! If you want to play nursery rhymes, some people can start playing through a whole song in their first couple of hours of learning.

If you want to master how to play heavy metal, tricky fingerstyle acoustic songs, they will take longer.

The only way you will get there is by working hard and consistently putting in effort. if you want to see fast progress, then getting an expert in your corner will help.

I heard acoustic guitar is easier to play than electric? Is that true?

This is something we hear quite often. And contrary to popular believes. Electric guitars are easier to play because of their thinner strings, and smaller bodies. Despite having more buttons and knobs to play with. So if you like any music that has electric guitar in it. Then getting started on an electric guitar may be perfect for you.

I’m sure it won’t be long before you start collecting guitars and have more than one of them.

I’m left handed, is that okay? 

You can definitely learn! There are a few things that will be different, and you need to make sure you get a left handed guitar. But besides that, it makes very little difference.

My fingers are sore when I press down on the strings, what do I do?

If your finger tips are sore, they are at a very soft stage right now. You have to do a little at a time and build up the toughness on your skin. And avoid using hand creams or anything that will soften up your skin again!

How old is too old to learn to play guitar?

I would definitely say it’s never too old for you to learn to play if you are really passionate about guitar! Your progress might be slower, and you may not reach as high of a level. But learning guitar is an enjoyable process that you can cherish.

As long as you love it enough, then it’s never too late to start!

Should I get a Guitar Teacher?

It depends on how much you cherish your time and sanity.

Some people are happy to try and spend years figuring out things out. I’ve seen people try to DIY their kitchens for 10 years, and it’s the same thing with guitar. Or you can get a great teacher who can get you the same progress in 6 months.

How much value will it bring you to learn quickly and with less frustration? If you think it’s worth it for you, then I would.

When I got a guitar teacher, I made more progress in 1 year (practising less) than I did in 6 years before, so for me. It was definitely worth it.

Remember to get a good guitar teacher though! A bad one might put you off guitar!

How much time do I need to practice to get good?

Firstly, how good do you want to get?

On top of that, rather than focusing on time. It’s better to focus on the quality of the practising. The better quality the practising and the techniques used. The easier it will be to get good faster.

Consistency is also important for advancing on the guitar. 20 minutes every day is better than 2.3 hours once a week.

Everyone’s standard and goals are different for guitar playing. So this is a very difficult question to answer. If you live in London, we can meet and give you some advice regarding this by working out where you are at now with your guitar playing. And then where do you want to go from here.

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