December 6, 2016

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How To Give The Best Guitar Lessons As A Gift

So you are looking to purchase guitar lessons as a gift for your child, your spouse or family member this year but don’t know how go about it?  How do you know you are getting the best guitar lessons as a gift for your friend or loved one? How do you find the best teacher?  Follow these steps and you will be sure to give EXCELLENT guitar lessons as a gift.

1. Search For A Guitar Teacher That Asks Questions About Your Friend/Family Member

Working with a music teacher is a commitment, and you want to KNOW that you found the right guitar teacher.  Start with a phone conversation directly with the teacher to see if they ask about your gift recipient’s musical interests, personality, and musical goals.  A professional guitar teacher will prove their value before receiving any money.

2. Book A Free Intro Guitar Lesson As A Gift Before You Spend Money To Find The Guitar Right Teacher

Once you’ve found the right teacher, book a free intro lesson or your gift receiver.  hat way, you give an awesome gift and you don’t WASTE ANY MONEY if your child or spouse does not like lessons or their teacher.  Just be sure to go to the free intro lesson so you can meet the teacher and pay for the lessons if you think you found the right teacher.

Book A Free Intro Guitar Lesson

3. Search For A Guitar Teacher That Has Student Testimonials And Reviews

A professional teacher has testimonials, and google reviews because they have a track record of producing results for their students.

4. Search For Teacher’s That Have Training On How To Teach Guitar

When you call a music store, you will likely not have the chance to talk to your potential future teacher.  You will not be able to find out what they can do to help you, and will not be able to know if you’re personalities click.  You run the risk of being paired with someone you don’t like, that is ineffective as a teacher, someone who has never trained on effective teaching and “wings it” with every student.

Read about Josh’s Training Here

Do Not Buy Guitar Lessons As A Gift Based On Price

The cheaper the lessons, the less experienced the teacher. Quality guitar teachers offer real life changing value to their students.  Decide on a teacher based on the life changing effects that a great guitar teacher will offer.  The quality of the guitar teacher will be the difference between becoming a guitar player, or becoming someone that tried to learn guitar one time.  Do not decide choose guitar lessons based on cheapest price.

Give the best guitar lessons as a gift this year by finding professional, quality teacher with a track record of producing results.  Let this be the gift that changes the lives of those you love forever.That’s

Book A Free Intro Guitar Lesson

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