November 23, 2015

beginner guitarists fail

5 Reasons Beginner Guitarists Fail

Let's face it, learning an instrument is difficult.  It requires dedication and persistence, and so many beginner guitarists give up too soon on their dreams. There are 5 reasons beginner guitarists fail.  More guitars will be bought this time of year, and most of them will start collecting dust the day after Christmas.  It does not have to be this way.  

The new year is coming fast, and already people are making their resolutions "learn the guitar this year." The idea of being able to sit and jam with friends, write your own songs, and finally play your favorite songs straight through is a goal shared by many children and adults alike.  Think of how amazing it would feel to pick up guitar and play confidently!

I've helped lots of beginner guitar players stick to their new passion, overcome challenges, and become awesome guitar players in less time.  What is different about the guitarists I coach versus the ones that go it alone?

Why Most Beginner Guitarists Fail

1. They don't have a vision of the type of guitar player you want to be.

You should have idea of what songs you want to play, if you want to write your own music (which ANYBODY can do), if you want to just learn some catchy guitar parts from your favorite songs, or want to be a total master at the guitar.  You must think about what it will look like when you can play guitar and how amazing it will feel.  The stronger vision you have for yourself, the more likely you'll actually take the first step of learning

2. They don't commit to themselves

The next step is to choose to follow through on your vision.  This is the part where you start to take action, and cut any ties that will allow you to back out.  Start practicing with friends, or get a teacher that will train you on how to stay committed and get more out of your guitar playing in less time.  Start setting goals and reviewing them regularly.

3.  They don't prioritize practice time

What most beginner guitarists find out quickly is that learning guitar is a challenge.  You must return to practicing guitar on a daily basis if you hope to see any significant progress.  For some people this means 10-15 minutes per day.  Now I hear the old "but I don't have time" but in most cases that's not true.  If you wait until after the work day is over, dinner has been eaten, and you're watching TV to start thinking about practicing the guitar, then yes you have waited far too long.  

Take a look at your day ahead of time and actively put guitar into your schedule.  My most dedicated students get up and practice before work because they know the motivation to practice will not be there after a long hard day.  The average American watches 4 hours of television per day and is plugged into the internet 11 hours per day.  If you do not prioritize your guitar playing, it will take a back seat to everything else and fade away.

4.  They don't know what to practice and how to practice

This is the only reason for guitarists failing that is not their fault.  A beginner guitar player can not possibly know what they should do to achieve their goals.  It's the same as an infant trying to figure out how to do a backflip after they've just learned to walk.  Beginner students wander aimlessly around youtube looking for answers and quickly become totally overwhelmed by the massive amount of information.  This is where having the right teacher will make the learning process not only seem possible, but make it fun and exciting as well.

5.  They give up too soon

Most beginner guitarists give up right before the finish line.  The first 3-6 months is where the hard work is put in with most students.  If they have a good teacher, and they practice diligently, 6 months is the timeline that students need to really start making big progress in their playing.  Most people give up on their new years resolution within the first 9 days of a new year.

If you know the 5 reasons beginner guitarists, you can avoid them and become a success story on the guitar.

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