Beginner guitar lessons Taunton MA

looking for Beginner Guitar lessons In Taunton Ma For Kids, Teens, and Adults?

Our guitar classes help guitar students achieve more, for example:

  • Impress friends and family by learning famous songs.

  • Play music with other guitar students every week. Without a doubt, this is the most important part of music.  

  • Have tons of fun and learn to enjoy practicing guitar. This speeds up progress significantly.

  • Master guitar technique together with guitar speed.

  • Play all different styles of music on guitar. For example, rock, country, pop, metal and more.

Guitar Lessons Near Me For Adults

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Guitar Lessons Near Me For Kids

Find Beginner kids guitar lessons near Taunton, Raynham, Norton.

Get Best Lessons For Beginner Guitar Players. Including Kids, Teens, And Adults Too!


  • all classes are all 1-hour long. This means more training and lesson time.  basically, you learn faster and remember more!
  • In addition, you can attend Guitar classes on different days each week
  • you also learn in a pro home studio with tons of space
  • plus, you learn guitar with modern teaching technology
  • Join a Fun group Of students That Jam weekly
  • learn with a full-time instructor with over 10 years experience
  • additionally, you get neat lesson materials prepared in advance


  • 30 minute lessons. to clarify, you learn very little in 30 minutes.
  • Little flexibility in the lesson schedule. basically, you only have one option for your schedule.
  • you also get a Bad Make Up Lesson Policy
  • in addition, you learn in tiny closet lesson rooms. this is less comfortable without a doubt.
  • what's more, the teacher uses very old guitar method books. For example: Mel bay method book 1.
  • plus, you work with part-time guitar teachers.  Basically, your results are only part time to them.
  • lastly, you get hand written lesson materials that are put together on the spot.

Are you a beginner guitar player? Do you want to learn electric guitar or acoustic guitar? Learn how to play guitar in all styles. For example, you can learn rock, pop, jazz, country, blues, funk, and metal.  In conclusion, get the best beginner guitar classes in Taunton MA.   

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