Beginner Acoustic guitar lessons Taunton MA

looking for Beginner Acoustic Guitar lessons For Kids, Teens, and Adults in Taunton ma?

Our Beginner Guitar Players Love Our Guitar Classes:

  • Learn tons of famous songs with a couple easy chord

  • Memorize finger picking patterns so that they feel easy

  • Learn how to make your own beautiful sounding music

  • Master strumming patterns and chord switches

  • Learn how to play acoustic styles of music, such as country, folks, and blues

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Beginner kids guitar lessons near Taunton, Raynham, Norton, Berkeley, Somerset, Seekonk

Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons For Kids, Teens, And Adults in Taunton MA

The benefits that our acoustic  guitar students receive:

  • All Students receive One-Hour Guitar Classes. This Helps students learn faster 
  • in addition, Students enjoy a clean, wide open music studio.
  • our Students receive flexible class scheduling. This works with their busy lives.
  • we Use modern guitar education software because it enhances the learning process
  • we Watch their confidence grow when they play with other students. This is the most rewarding part of teaching the guitar
  • in addition, you work with a full time dedicated guitar teacher.  All day, every day, we work on improving your lessons.
  • Stay organized with clean printed practice materials and email lessons.
  • Students can attend more than one class per week.  This speeds up the learning the process for students.

What they offer beginner acoustic guitar students:

  • Students get 30 minute lessons. Basically, you waste time and money with super short lessons.
  • Their students get to learn in small cramped practice rooms. This makes learning uncomfortable
  • Also, students are learn from old guitar method books.
  • The teacher likely teaches after a long day at their full-time job.  
  • In addition, you have little to no chance to play guitar with other students.
  • Like messy lesson notes? No one does.  But you'll receive hand written material weekly.

You Deserve to get the best guitar classes for beginner Acoustic guitar students in Taunton ma.  

Are you a beginner acoustic guitar player?

Do you want to learn the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar?

If so, we offer beginner acoustic guitar lessons in all styles.

For example, you can learn rock, pop, jazz, country, blues, funk, and folk guitar. Get the best lessons for beginner acoustic guitar players in Taunton MA.

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I'm  Josh Beetler

I am the owner and founder of Taunton Guitar Lessons.  Also known as The Guitar Player School.  It is my commitment to bring you and your family the best guitar education experience possible.  I dedicate each day to bringing more value to my students.  Playing music is a gift, and I want to share it with you so that you can share it with your family.