What You Will Learn In The

4 Week  Guitar Jumpstart Program

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Learn how to properly hold the guitar so you develop great habits from the beginning and save years of frustration

How To Properly Strum And Play Strumming Patterns So That You Sound Great

How To Learn, Memorize, And Switch Chords So That You Can Master The Building Block Of Songs

How To Play A Short And Simple Song And Play Real Music!

You can teach old dogs new tricks! I'm learning something new every week and Josh has inspired me to rehearse like I haven't done since high school! Thanks, teach!!!  

Eddie D.

guitar lessons near me

Josh has been instrumental in helping me with my new hobby. I was frustrated and stuck but in a short amount of time, Josh was able to help me see progress and breakthrough obstacles I didn't think I could. He has a very calming and easy going presence about him and shows a true interest in helping you be a better guitarist.

Charlie Jolin 

I'm coming up on 1 year with Josh. I cannot believe the progress I have made with him. I gave up taking lessons about 10 years ago because I just wasn't getting anywhere. Well...one year later I have learned an incredible amount. I am so comfortable playing. I strongly encourage anyone that has an interest in learning guitar to talk to Josh.

Steve N.

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