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Do you want the

best guitar lessons In Your Area?

Our guitar students take 

guitar lessons so they can

  • Learn their favorite songs to impress friends and family

  • Learn how to jam with other musicians

  • Accelerate their guitar skills and have fun in the process

  • Take their guitar technique and improvising to the next level

Adult Guitar Lessons Near Me

The best adult guitar lessons near Taunton, Raynham, Dighton 

Kids Guitar Lessons Near Me

The best kids guitar lessons near Norton, Berkeley, Somerset

What some of our guitar students

have to say about their guitar lessons

What Makes Our Guitar Lessons Different?


  • Longer class sessions and flexible scheduling to work with your busy life
  • Large, Clean, Professional, Music Studio Environment
  • Customized individual lessons that use modern teaching including video, online guitar courses, and more!
  • A community of guitar players that you jam with all the time
  • Full-time, established music teacher with extensive training and reputation.
  • Neatly printed lesson materials that are available in students online account


  • 30 minute lessons with zero scheduling flexibility
  • Tiny, stale closet sized lesson rooms
  • Antiquated method books in order to sell more merchandise
  • Little to no opportunity to play with other students
  • Part-time, untrained music teachers that teach as a side gig.
  • Notebook scribbles, no lesson planning, no tracking student progress


Your time and money is valuable to you, and your results are valuable to me.  So many students quit lessons because of poor experiences with sub-par teachers.  Don't you want the best learning experience you can possibly get?  Don't settle for less than you are worth.

If you want the best guitar lessons near you for adult guitar or kids guitar, contact us to get more information about the guitar lesson program and request a time for a free intro guitar lesson.



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