Do You Feel stuck in a rut with your guitar Practice and feel like you are wasting your time?

5 Most Common Ways All Guitar Players Get

(No matter their skill level)

1. Searching Youtube endlessly for random guitar lessons 

2. Wasting time and money teaching yourself with books and DVD's

3. Working with untrained, unqualified guitar teachers that teach PART TIME!

unqualified guitar teacher

4. Listening to friends and family that can play but can't teach

5. Trying to teach yourself and practicing random items with no strategy

Steve N. 
I figured I would take up the free introductory lesson just for the heck of it...

I'm coming up on 1 year with Josh. I cannot believe the progress I have made with him. I gave up taking lessons about 10 years ago because I just wasn't getting anywhere. Well...one year later I have learned an incredible amount. I am so comfortable playing.  I strongly encourage anyone that has an interest in learning guitar to talk to Josh.

    Scott Jardin
To anyone like me who in the past has taken, or who has attempted to take, guitar lessons with other providers...

To anyone like me who in the past has taken, or who has attempted to take, guitar lessons with other providers, or who has tried, with tepid results, to "self-teach" solely with audio-visual aids, who has felt the pangs of disappointment and gnawing self-doubt along the way, listen well: Josh's talent, compassion, and incisive pedagogy will lead you to a new and distinct level of guitar learning and musicianship-building. 

Forget everything you think you know about "guitar lessons"

Whether you are a total beginner, or experienced player, this is radically different...you will

Learn HOW to learn songs and UNDERSTAND them, not just play them. We teach you "how to fish"

Learn the right sequence to learn guitar so you speed up the learning process

Get training on how to break through obstacles so you build confidence in your guitar playing and practicing

Learn best practice strategies so that you stay focused on your goals and massively improve

Learn an easy system to understanding the entire fretboard, all scales, chords, keys etc. so that you save yourself from YEARS of frustration 

Become more confident so you can jam with other musicians and experience a real jam!

Get expert training on how to improve your technique so your playing becomes clean and effortless

Common Complaints About OTHER Guitar Lesson programs

  • Tiny closet sized lesson rooms
  • A teacher who has never been trained on how to teach except trial and error (on your time!)
  • Months of lessons and hundreds of dollars spent that amount to NO RESULTS
  • Out of date teaching methods from old books 
  • A teacher that has no strategy for helping you
  • A teacher that doesn't track your progress, or ask about your goals
  • 30 minute lessons that are over in a flash
  • Handwritten lessons that are created on the fly 
  • They can't teach songwriting, improvising, technique, soloing, ensemble playing, home recording
  • Isolation from other musicians

some of the benefits of Taunton Guitar Lessons

  • A full-time professional musician and teacher that continues to study how to teach better and better
  • Clean professional music studio
  • Weekly inspiration, accountability AND goal setting
  • Free additional content with your lessons
  • More flexibility with teaching schedule and longer lessons so you get more training
  • Exact practice routines to follow and how to track your progress so you get better each time you play
  • Specific instructions and training on how to practice everything you learn and tie it all together
  • Learn creativity, rhythm, improvising, songwriting
  • A community of other guitarists like you so you make friends that also play guitar!

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Q: I’ve tried guitar lessons before and it didn’t work. Why is this different?

A: The teacher was probably blindly teaching you information because they didn't have any real plan.  They piled on information and didn’t show you how to use it in real musical situations. 

Q:How long will it take me to learn a song? 

A:We have retired beginner students in their late 60's that learn songs start to finish in less then 30 days, it all depends on the student's work ethic, not their talent. 

Q: What styles do you teach?

A: We focus on Acoustic, Rock, Fingerpicking, Jazz, Blues, Metal. We do not teach traditional classical guitar or slide guitar.

Q:I'm tone deaf and I have no rhythm, can you really help me?

A: I've taught students in their 70's who had mild brain damage and no feeling in their right hand, students with no rhythm or coordination, I can help you if you do the work.  There is no such thing as tone deaf, or rhythm deaf, you just lack training.

Q:Do you travel to your students for lessons?

A:Students travel to our studio so that we can provide them with the best possible lessons.

Q: How often are the lessons?

A: All students are required to commit to weekly lessons at the minimum, we don't work with half interested guitar students, only those are ready to accelerate their playing.

Q: Do you skype or do online lessons?

A: All lessons are done in person at the studio, we do not do skype/online lessons

The Solution: Training Vs. Information

Imagine having a teacher guided you all the way to your goals so that you are guaranteed success, pushed you beyond those goals, and showed you how to learn in the right order and practice more effectively. Don’t you want the best guitar lessons for you?

You owe it to yourself to start playing guitar the way you truly desire. Get the best guitar lessons available for you.

More Student Testimonials

Eddie D.
Yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks. I'm learning something new every week and Josh has inspired me to rehearse like I haven't done since high school! Thanks, teach!!!

Charlie J.

Josh has been instrumental in helping me with my new hobby. I was frustrated and stuck but in a short amount of time, Josh was able to help me see progress and breakthrough obstacles I didn't think I could. He has a very calming and easy going presence about him and shows a true interest in helping you be a better guitarist.

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