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Feeling Stuck In A Rut With Your Guitar Playing And Want The Best Local Guitar Lessons?

Guitar Lessons In Taunton Ma

Want The Best Local Guitar Lessons For Kids And Adults?

  • Struggling with chord switches and strumming and you just want to play some songs

  • Want to play awesome guitar solos and use the entire fretboard without wasting tons of time trying to learn confusing theory that makes no sense

  • Are you practicing with no direction or focus and you're just spinning your wheels?

  • Feel like you're not getting better with lots of practice? 

  • Is your guitar technique sloppy and slow and you want to see consistent results?

guitar players Learn Guitar With me so that they can:

  • Learn their favorite songs to impress friends and family

  • Learn how to jam with other musicians

  • Speed up the process and have more fun

  • Master guitar technique, play faster and faster

  • Learn the guitar including all chords, scales and more

Adult Guitar Lessons Near Me

Beginner guitar lessons near Taunton, Raynham, Norton, Berkeley

Kids Guitar Lessons Near Me

Beginner kids guitar lessons near Taunton, Raynham, Norton, Berkeley

What some of our guitar students have to say about their guitar lessons Compared To Other Guitar Teachers

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guitar student raynham
guitar lessons raynham
guitar lessons near me mansfield

The Best Local Guitar Teacher For You? What is most important to you?


  • You get to attend 1 hour guitar classes 
  • Flexible scheduling to work with your busy life
  • Also, a large, clean music studio
  • In addition, you get customized individual lessons 
  • You will get modern teaching including video, online guitar courses, and more!
  • Hang out with group of guitar players that you jam with all the time
  • You get to work with full-time, pro music teacherOf course, your teacher tracks your progress week to week
  • And lastly, you get neatly printed lessons materials and online lessons


  • You only get 30 minute lessons
  • You also have very little schedule flexibility
  • In addition, you have a bad makeup policy.
  • Also, you get to sit in tiny, closet sized lesson rooms
  • Old teaching teaching books are sold to you even if it's not best for the student 
  • You have little to no chance to play with other students
  • Plus, you get to work with a part-time, music teachers that teach as a side gig.
  • Your teacher often has no plan for your lessons
  • And finally, it is likely your teacher does not track your progress
In conclusion:

Of course time and money is valuable to you. Because of that, your results are valuable to me.  While many students quit because of bad experiences with sub-par teachers, you will succeed. Because you will get want the best learning experience.  That is why you shouldn't settle for less than you are worth.

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