Do You Feel Stuck In A Rut With Your Guitar Playing?

  • Have you been putting off learning the guitar for years because you are afraid you will not be able to learn?
  • Have you been playing guitar for years but find you have been stuck at the same level and can not break free?
  • Are you totally frustrated with your lack of progress and confused by the massive amount of information on the internet?
  • Want to know how amazing it feels to play guitar like you always dreamed?
  • Are your current guitar lessons not giving you the results you desire? 

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Imagine if you were able to:

  1. Play the guitar the way you always wanted to, with confidence.
  2. Learn songs quickly and easily.
  3. Play the music that you loved growing up.
  4. Improve your technique so that you can play faster, cleaner, and with more confidence.
  5. Play music with other people or for friends and family without freezing up.
  6. Play by ear and jam with your favorite songs or with other musicians.
  7. Express yourself by writing your own songs.
  8. Feel better about yourself and your guitar playing.

I like guitar lessons with Josh. How he let’s you pick what music you like and makes the lessons fun. I like that I get to play with my brother too.


I started guitar lessons with Josh on in July 2013. I really like how Josh doesn’t teach from the book & doesn’t make us go page to page every lesson. We get to do more fun stuff and tunes but were still learning a lot. I am surprised how much I’ve learned in just 8 weeks. Josh is a lot of fun to play with.


My favorite thing about guitar lessons is that I learn how to write my own songs and it’s fun!


You Will…

1. Save Time And Money That Might Have Been Spent On Bad Lessons

2. See Results Much Faster AND Enjoy The Process

3. Make Friends With Students Just Like You.

4. Have Opportunities To Perform Your Music

5. Get Instant Feedback On Your Playing

6. Learn To Create Your Own Music.

7. Record Your Own Music In The Studio

 The Challenges and goals you have set will be approached in a methodical plan that will insure greater results for you in less time while eliminating guesswork and frustration. You will be given guitar lessons out of a book that gives no consideration to your goals, skills, and learning style. Likely you will have to buy a book that the store sells to every student. These books are often out of date, boring, impersonal and ineffective.
 When you go home to practice, you will know exactly what to practice and how to measure your progress on the instrument. This will make the practicing process more enjoyable and make you feel motivated to consistently improve on the guitarWithout any clear instruction on what to practice and how to do it, you will be frustrated with the lack of direction or caring on the teacher’s part. You will be left alone trying to remember what to do after your lessons. You will likely forget, and have to pay to take the same lesson again.
 Your goals, frustrations, and challenges will be expertly accessed by a professionally trained guitar instructor. Less than 1 % of guitar teachers have actual TRAINING on the art of guitar pedagogy and therefore operate on guesswork and trial and error. Please note, a music education or any music degree from a college is NOT training on how to teach guitar.The teacher is likely a former music student or a guitar teacher that has been teaching the same ineffective way for years! They have no actual training on how to teach the instrument on operate solely on trial and error. (A music degree is not training on how to teach guitar!) Many are not passionate and teach as part time income and therefore commit no time to create highly specialized teaching materials for their students.
 The relaxed, home studio environment will facilitate the learning process and make you feel comfortable. Having the best learning environment greatly enhances the experience of playing and the learning process. The convenient location is right near local supermarkets so you can run errands if you are dropping off your student.The teacher has been sitting in that small practice room all day and you will smell it when you show up (trust me, I remember going to bad guitar lessons too.) Clumsy, dim lit rooms with bad musical equipment make it hard to enjoy the lesson and concentrate. You may feel claustrophobic and have to quit or you ail feel like the teacher is right in your face.
 You will have the opportunity to record yourself using professional sound recording equipment. This process gives you feedback on what you sound like and teaches you what to listen for. This dramatically increases musical improvement.The music equipment are often beat up, old practice amps that sound bad and are no fun to play out of. Some teachers still operate with a CD player! They are not up to the times with their equipment and give you no opportunities to record.
 Students have the opportunity to play in front of other students in a supportive environment on a regular basis which decreases social anxiety, performance anxiety while increasing confidence, social skills, public speaking, and leadership skills. Students play in a cliquey, judgemental environment where “playing favorites” is common practice.
 Lessons are custom made using the latest teaching technology including Guitar Pro 6, Logic Pro X, and Neck Diagrams 2.0. Students have access to high quality teaching materials and jam tracks to practice their lessons at home. Students also have access to high quality guitar amps and sound equipment. Lessons are often taken from a book that has been in print for 40+ years but none of the guitar teachers themselves actually learned from.
 You have the opportunity to come check out the teaching studio, teaching style, the musical equipment and the learning environment for free. You will be given a professional assessment and can determine for yourself with no obligation if I am the right teacher for you without any money out of pocket. Call today for a free trial lesson! You will be put with a teacher without getting to know them, their skills, experience, or teaching style. They will ask you the basic questions like “what kind of music do you like” and you will have to pay $100 dollars or more just to determine whether you like them or not!

If you are asking yourself “are these guitar lessons near me?”

Don’t worry, I give guitar lessons to students that travel from all over.

My guitar lessons have students from Warwick, Warren, Tiverton, Rumford, Riverside, Providence, Pawtucket, North Providence, Manville, Lincoln, East Providence, Cumberland, Cranston, Central Falls, Bristol, Barrington, Albion, Wrentham, Whitman, West Wareham, West Bridgewater, Walpole, Taunton, Swansea, Stoughton, South Weymouth, South Walpole, South Easton, South Carver, Somerset, Sheldonville, Sharon, Seekonk, Rockland, Rochester, Rehoboth, Raynham Center, Raynham, Randolph, Plympton, Plainville, Pembroke, Norwood, Norwell, Norton, North Scituate, North Pembroke, North Marshfield, North Easton, North Dighton, North Dartmouth, North Carver, North Attleboro, Norfolk, New Bedford, Monponsett, Millis, Middleboro, Medway, Medfield, Mattapoisett, Marshfield Hills, Marshfield, Marion, Mansfield, Lakeville, Kingston, Holbrook, Hanson, Hanover, Halifax, Greenbush, Franklin, Foxboro, Fall River, Fairhaven, Elmwood, Easton, East Walpole, East Taunton, East Mansfield, East Freetown, East Bridgewater, Dighton, Chartley, Carver, Canton, Bryantville, Brockton, Bridgewater, Berkley, Bellingham, Avon, Attleboro Falls, Attleboro, Assonet, Acushnet, Accord, Abington.